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Paul’s back! With internet (finally)!

Took forever, but it was worth it. The internet is so much faster in Europe! Anyway, if you’re just catching up I finally made the leap from sunny California to Paris, France and I’m loving it out here so far. Nothing like a move across the world to really reveal the more exciting parts about life, eh? I sold most of my big stuff before I left Cali, trying to take with me as little as possible (I didn’t look for an apartment or anything before I left, I figured I’d be doing a fair amount of couch-surfing so I felt it wise to pack light). I did call Air 1 Moving & Storage, however, and had them pick up some of the things I wasn’t willing to let go of; they kept it in storage for a week or two, before I was able to find a nice little apartment out here. Once I had a place, Air 1 picked out a great international transport rate for me to move my stuff…for pretty cheap, I got my stuff delivered to me in under a week. For overseas shipping, that’s pretty good!

I should also mention that I was also lucky enough to have a job out here already, so I was provided a worker’s visa that lets me stay in France for as long as I need to. Also, some of my expenses were covered by my company, so if you’re looking into moving overseas, that’s definitely something to consider! If you don’t have a job and can’t get a worker’s visa, it’s always worth it to make sure you can at least get a multiple-entry visa before relocating internationally (just to be safe, or you could get stuck somewhere you don’t want to be).

Until next time!

Paul, out.

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