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Packaging Supplies

Advice for packing fragile items

From pack to unpack, great moves all start with good quality packing materials. When it comes to boxing, packing and shipping, Air 1 Moving & Storage has got you covered. Need to pack a rack of dishes? Box a painting or poster? Bubble wrap your tv? No matter what your need for packing supplies, from care packages to moving, Air 1 is proud to provide a wide range of packaging supplies and materials. Air 1’s packing materials are made to accommodate items of all shapes and sizes, heavy or flat, bulky or light. Boxes come in small, medium, large, extra large, and wardrobe sizes, and our padded quilts and mattress covers for packing beds and furniture are high quality and provide a superior level of protection for your convenience. Save time and money by getting all your packing supplies from Air 1 Moving & Storage today!

When you use Air 1, you can order moving supplies and packaging materials and have them delivered right to your doorstep. We provide a variety of packing supplies, including:

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  • Small Box, Office Box (1.5 Cubic Feet, 16 3/8 x 5/8 x 12 5/8)
  • Medium Box (3.0 Cubic Feet, 18 1/8 x 18 1/8 x 22 3/4)
  • Large Box (4.5 Cubic Feet, 18 1/2 x 18 1/2 x 22 3/4)
  • Extra Large Box (6.0 Cubic Feet, 24 x 20 1/2 x 28)
  • Wardrobe Box (16.0 Cubic Feet, 24 x 20 1/2 x 48)
  • Lamp Base
  • Dish Pack (18 x 18 x 27)
  • Picture Box
  • White Paper
  • Mattress Cover
  • Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Quilted Pad
  • Shrink Wrap

How to Pack

Packing can be a tedious, stressful process. Utilize some of the following packing tips from Air 1 to make your moving process a breeze!

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Carefully packed boxes are an art form. Always remember to pack out of season items first; then, the things you use infrequently, while saving the things you use on a day to day basis until the last minute, so you have access to all of those things leading up to your moving day. Lightweight things, such as underwear, blankets, and sweaters can be left in dressers while you should always remove and pack any easily broken or loose items that could be in lurking in your drawers. When packing a box for moving, it is important for heavier items to be put on the bottom with lighter items on top. Form layers in your box by separating items with crushed paper or a cushioned alternative. It is generally recommended that you keep parts of similar things together and in one place (like shower curtains and shower rings, for example) so be sure to bag looser, smaller items in plastic bags for more convenient storage. Pack small, fragile objects in their own separate, individual boxes, and cushion them as best as you can with shredded paper, bubble wrap, etc., and remember: the more fragile the object, the more cushioning you are going to use. Pack smaller boxes in large ones, making sure to distribute paper to cushion the boxes effectively. Keep your box evenly packed, but never over pack! Once your box is full, stuff any empty spaces gratuitously with cushion/shredded paper to reduce the possibility of items shifting and breaking in transit. Seal your box with tape and make sure the top and bottom services are flat and even. Brand boxes you want to unpack first with a special mark that identifies which box it is, in addition to labeling all your moving boxes and maintaining a detailed inventory of your packed belongings. It also helps to label which boxes will go into which rooms upon delivery to avoid any confusion in the future.

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Air 1 Moving & Storage is a licensed, bonded and insured company. Although we are based out of Southern California, we proudly move residents of California to the following cities across America:

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