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Moving Insurance

Do you need moving insurance?

Here at Air 1 Moving & Storage, we understand that moving insurance is just something that you should not go without. With all your valuables and possessions on the line, it’s always safe to say that you should find a moving insurance plan that’s right for you. Luckily, Air 1 Moving & Storage offers two reasonable moving insurance plans for your convenience:


Full Replacement Value – High Value Inventory Insurance Plans
Offered for Interstate (moving from one state to another), Intrastate (moving in the same state) and International shipments. These plans provide coverage based on a calculated value provided by you (the assured) before the date of the shipment. It should be noted that the value generally assigned to the items in question should be equivalent to the cost of replacing them at your new destination. Settlements that use this type of coverage usually cover the lesser of any repair costs and/or the amount that you declared on your inventory.

Tips for insuring your belongings before a move

Moving Insurance Plans

For Example: You purchased a television in 2002 in California for $800. The current replacement value for a television of a like or similar kind in New York is $1300. You should list your television’s value as $1300, because even though the purchase price for the television was $800, if your TV is broken or damaged during the move, you will be limited to a maximum settlement of whatever cost you declared on the High Value inventory plan.

This plan is among one of the best options in terms of comprehension and coverage. Unlike other plans, the Full Replacement Value – High Value Inventory plan does not reduce your settlement based on deprecation or co-insurance penalties. The declared cost of your inventory could also act as a starting point or foundation for your Homeowner’s or Renter’s insurance policy once you’ve arrived at your new location.

Items that you wish to insure under this policy MUST SPECIFICALLY BE DECLARED AND VALUED. Failure to comply with this request will result in denied settlements of any claimed items.


Lump Sum Replacement Moving Insurance Plans

Are interstate moves covered by insurance?

Interstate moving insurance

Limited to interstate (from one state to another) and international shipments only, this option provides coverage based on the total declared value AKA the ‘lump sum’ of your shipment. It is required, to avoid being under insured, that you declare a value equal to at least $8.00 multiplied by the total weight of your shipment, and that you specifically declare and value high value items in your shipment. To simplify things, if your shipment weighs 3,000 pounds, it must be insured for a minimum of $24,000, with an indication as to the values of all of your high-value items.

High value items are defined under this plan as any shipped item with a value greater than $500. When you declare any amount or a lump sum, any shipped item valued at over $500 (per item) must SPECIFICALLY BE DECLARED AND VALUED. Failure to comply will limit your potential settlement recovery to a maximum of $500 per item. Any amounts shown on your high value inventory will be considered a part of the total declared value and not an addition to your total declared value. Items such as clothing and bedroom sets can be grouped together for your convenience. In the event that a claim is filed, your settlement amount may reflect the average value of the declared items in that set.

Items valued at anything less than $500 per item do not need to be individually declared on your inventory list. If you are to cover them, however, these items’ value should be included in your total Declared Value price.

For Example: You purchased a painting in 2002 in California for $300. If this item were to be lost or destroyed, the cost of replacement would be approximately $700. This makes the current replacement value of this painting at $700 for proper coverage, which is what you would put on the High Value inventory form. Should your painting be lost or destroyed, and you failed to list the replacement value on your High Value inventory form, you are limited to a maximum of $500 for the painting.

In the example used above, assume that you also are in possession of other paintings, but individually, none of them are valued at over $500. These paintings do not need to be listed, however their value should still be applied in the total Declared Value. If you own $8,000 worth of belongings in addition to the original painting, your policy’s declared value should be $8,700. If you do not declare the appropriate declared value for the smaller as well as the larger value items in your shipment, you are running the risk of being underinsured and your settlement may not compensate you adequately.


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Air 1 Moving & Storage is a licensed, bonded and insured company. Although we are based out of Southern California, we proudly relocate clients to the following cities across America:

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