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Seeking a Long Distance Moving Company in Glendale?

We’re proud to help our friends and neighbors when they decide to relocate. What began as a small company has now grown into the best local and long distance moving company in Glendale. With years of experience and knowledge, our team of professional movers are dedicated and prepared for any task.

Trusting strangers with your valuables may seem crazy. However, we promise that Air 1 Moving is the most dependable long distance moving company in Glendale that you'll find. Give us a call. We’ll answer all of your questions and prove that when it comes to moving companies in Glendale, we’re the best.


Long Distance Moving Done Right

No matter if your moving interstate or cross-border, we’ll provide you the same quality moving service we give our VIP clients. We’re one of the few long distance moving companies that have met the legal requirements. As the number one long distance moving company in Glendale, we can ensure you have a worry-free journey to your new home. For over 20 years we’ve cultivated a vast network of airline and freight connections. So as long as you are beginning your journey in California we can get your belongings safely to any destination.  


Too Heavy to Move on Your Own?

Moving large furniture or equipment can be dangerous! Every year more than 1 million people injure their back, the majority from improper lifting technique. Save yourself the pain and have our capable crew members carry the object for you. As the number one long distance moving company in Glendale, we want our clients happy AND healthy. No matter if it’s a heavy safe, a piano, or a beloved antique fountain, we can safely and efficiently relocate the item for you.


Do We Service Your Area?

Moving from Burbank, Sherman Oaks, W. Hollywood or Beverly Hills? Just give us a call at our toll-free number: (866) 552-2917. Or check out our blog in the link above for some tips and moving tricks. Let us be a part of your next great adventure!