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Looking for a Long Distance Moving Company in Fresno?

We know that allowing strangers to care for your belongings can be a daunting task. That’s why Air 1 Moving is proud to be the best long distance moving company in Fresno. Whether your journeying across the country, over the ocean or even into the condo next door, we offer expert local and long distance moving services. Our crew is trained to handle every type of residential home. From apartments to townhouses, to large homes, and more! For your guaranteed satisfaction we even provide a detailed inventory of your items, free of charge.

Rest easy and let your Fresno moving experts take care of you.

International Moving Service

Some moves are bigger than others. Some take you across borders and overseas. Wherever you’re going, you’ll want the long distance moving company in Fresno that has the right credentials and experience to minimize any stress. Not every professional moving company is equipped to handle the bureaucracy of border control and customs. That's why Air 1 Moving has cultivated a network of international connections and operators. Our elite freight and airline partners will safely deliver your belongings to your new residence, or place them in a storage facility until you are ready to receive them. No matter how far away from California that may be.

Top-Notch Moving

With Air 1 Moving you never have to worry. Our staff and moving experts are absolute professionals with experience in handling any type of moving situation. Every team member goes through extensive training in order to provide the best possible customer service. No matter how large or small, we're diligent and efficient, and thus we are equipped to handle the unexpected. Combined with our vast network of trusted partners, our customers consider us the best long distance moving company in Fresno. Whether you're relocating across the ocean or into the house next door, we make sure your belongings are handled with care and delivered safely and efficiently.

Do We Service Your Area?

Moving from Long Beach, San Francisco, or San Jose? Just give us a call at our toll-free number: (866) 552-2917. Or check out our blog in the link above for some tips and moving tricks. Let us help you get a fresh start!