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Long Distance Movers California

Tips for a long move road trip

Long distance moves are classified by Air 1 Moving & Storage as any move that starts in California, and crosses over state lines where the destination is anywhere else in the continental United States. Whether you are moving to Oregon, New York, Miami or Chicago, Air 1 has got you covered! Air 1 Moving & Storage will always try to get you the most affordable and convenient rates for your long distance move. Charges for long distance moves are based on the mileage from origin to destination, in addition to the combined cubic footage of all of your belongings. The team of professional movers will pick up the items you wish to transport from your home and keep them in an Air 1 Moving storage facility until the shipment is ready to be moved to the destination. Alternatively, Air 1 Moving & Storage also offers pick up and direct delivery to your new home or office, and provides a complete inventory of your items upon arrival.

When you choose Air 1 as your mover of preference, the most important person Air 1 is moving is you. The team of professionals overseeing your move—including the personal moving consultant you receive during the duration of the move for using Air 1—will be there for you from start to finish, and are always available to assess any concerns or questions you may have about your long-distance move. Moving your home or office is, bar-none, one of the most stressful experiences the modern world has to offer. Air 1 understands the need for clients to select Long Distance Movers Los Angeles that doesn’t just look good and get the job done, but one that they can trust with their prized possessions above all else. Wherever you are and whatever you need to move, if Air 1 Moving & Storage is on the case, rest easy knowing that your belongings are in safe hands. With all of that in mind, it really is no wonder why so many families around the world constantly use Air 1 Moving & Storage for any and all of their moving service needs. Every month, hundreds of families and business owners alike trust in Air 1 Moving & Storage to help progress them to a better place, wherever that may be. Making a long-distance move has never been as easy as it is when you use Air 1 Moving & Storage!

How to organize for an interstate move

Everything you need for a cross country move

Air 1 Moving & Storage’s team of loyal and personable movers and drivers have all been professionally trained, educated, uniformed, and consistently screened for drugs to drive home the fact that you are working with trained professionals who value the safety of you and your belongings. Extra cautions are always taken in an attempt to assure the safety of your possessions, including cushioned blankets for wrapping glass, furniture, or other delicates in, and fragile items are always handled with care and expertise, secured in place during the move to minimize impact due to movement.

Tips for Moving Long Distance

  • Pack wisely!It’s truly incredible how much stuff you can fit in a box when you’re packing wisely. Simple tasks like compressing t-shirts, throwing pairs of socks wherever you can fit them, and organizing computer cables by labeling them and keeping them with the hardware they belong with are just a few ways to pack wisely!
  • Create an essentials box!This is a very awesome trick for families that are going through the motions of relocating. Assign a box of “essential” items for your last few days in your old home, and the first few days in the new one (kitchen cutlery (only pack 1 for each person), candles, emergency kit, garbage bags, toilet paper, etc). This will undoubtedly save you so much time and money, and keeps you from running around to convenience stores every time you realize that nobody brought little things, like toothpaste.
Best way to plan an out of state move

Organize in advice for moving out of state

This is probably the best advice a mover can give. Keep all of your smaller things in smaller boxes, and place those boxes into the bigger boxes that you have to save space. Make sure to label every box you pack, so you can keep track of what you have. Put smaller items that are loose, in plastic bags or other kinds of compressible containers, and always keep a detailed inventory of what you should unpack and pack first, as well as what you have and what you’re (hopefully not) missing. This may seem tedious at first, but after doing it once, you’ll understand how much time and money this ends up saving you.

For more information or complimentary quotes on Air 1’s long distance moving services, call Air 1 Moving and Storage today! We can’t wait to meet you and get to work.


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Air 1 Moving & Storage is a licensed, bonded and insured company. Although we are based out of Southern California, we proudly move clients to the following cities across America:

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