5 Tips: How to Get Rid of Furniture In Los Angeles

How to get rid of furniture in los angeles

How to get rid of furniture in Los Angeles is a question we often get ahead of moving day. As a responsible citizen there are a number of ways you can go about this. PLAN WHAT YOU WANT TO THROW OUT Moving house is an excellent opportunity to eliminate old junk from your life. And […]

How to Save Money By Minimizing Your Moving Costs

How to get rid of furniture in Los Angeles

Buying or renting a new home can be expensive. So it’s only natural you want to save money by minimizing moving costs. Air1 Moving & Storage provides a budget house move service while maintaining the highest professional standards. And this is our professional advice if you want to move home cheaply. GET RID OF YOUR […]

Moving with a dog: How to do it right

Moving company for moving with a dog

At Air 1 Moving & Storage, we know your pet’s part of the family and that moving is a big life change for them too. Over our 20 year history we’ve moved all kinds of pets from fish to felines. And as we’re such a smoothly run moving company, all the pets arrived safely and […]

Piano and Fine Art Packing and Moving Tips

Moving fragile items like your piano and fine art call for specialty care. These items require special packing and moving processes – not to mention ample expertise. These aren’t a simple pair of socks, after all. So you should hire an expert moving company to get the job done right. And that’s because valuable and […]

Summer Moving: Top 12 Hacks to Beat the Heat for a Successful Move

A couple preparing to move during summer

Moving in the summer can be one of the least convenient times to move. For local, long distance and international movers alike, moving in the summer can be more complicated than in the depths of winter. There’s the planning and organization typical of moving, plus figuring out a way to deal with the harsh heat […]

How to Move Long Distance in 2021

Belongings packed in cardboard boxes from moving long distance to a new home

Assembling the bubblewrap, tucking away heirlooms and forwarding your mail — we cover everything there is to know about your long distance move. Follow these steps to seamlessly move to a new state in 2021 So, you’ve decided to move to a new state. Moving is, well, stressful. You don’t have to tell us. At […]

Your Guide to Planning a DIY Move

Sometimes people think they can’t afford to hire professional movers, or they simply aren’t moving far from their original home and just want to move. In other instances, some people just don’t have a lot of possessions to move, so they opt to move things in their own car. If you are planning a move […]

Spring Cleaning Moving and Decluttering Storage Tips

Moving is less stressful with spring cleaning tips, like decluttered storage spaces with hanging clothes and tidied items.

Ah, spring cleaning. Fresh blooms and crisp sunshine. Spring is the perfect time of year to declutter your storage space — whether in your home or in a storage unit. You can get the help of a moving and storage company in organizing and decluttering your home and storage for a well-organized and seamless move. […]

Is a Home Inspection Worth It?

It is recommended that all homeowners preparing to sell their house get a pre-inspection before putting your house on the market. Here’s why you should get a home inspection before you sell. Find Out What Is and Is NOT Broke Sometimes we think things are broken and we end up fixing the wrong problem. For […]

5 Essentials for Moving Day

Moving day doesn’t always go as smoothly as you plan. Things get hectic and stressful, especially while relocating. Stuff can break, you might be running behind or you might find an entire area you forgot to pack. There are, however, supplies to have handy for those unexpected moments during a move. Toothpaste or Wall Putty […]