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How to Keep Fragile & Valued Things Safe During the Moving Process

Published May 25, 2016 in category: Moving Category

Planning a move requires a lot of planning, preparation and patience. If you are in the process of moving or getting ready to move, remember these tips on how to properly pack your valuables. Make a List of all Your Items, Valuables Especially Before starting any packing, make sure you have items accounted for. This will help you better decide where and how you should pack things. It also helps you decide how you should pack certain things together. Keep Stuff in a Safety Deposit Box If you don’t need access to important documents, like birth certificates and social security cards, then pack them away and put them in a safety deposit box. This will help ensure they are accounted for and don’t get lost during the move. Trick Labels It is recommended that your label certain pricey or valuable items as something like “Christmas Ornaments” to trick people into thinking there isn’t anything of importance in the box. Pack Carefully Make sure your fragile things are in very sturdy boxes and wrapped with the correct amount of cushion to ensure they do not break. You should also be sure to label the outside of those boxes as “FRAGILE.” Get the Insurance! If your moving company offers insurance, always use it! This will cover the cost of any broken or lost items during the move. Take What You Need With You If you know you are going to have to access it soon, make sure you leave those items out. Many people make the mistake of packing the things they need right away in boxes and then they have to open a ton of boxes and dig through to find what they need. It is always easier to just leave out what you know you will need. Need help moving? We offer a to z moving services to southern California residents. Call us today for a free moving estimate....

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Is a Home Inspection Worth It?

Published May 15, 2016 in category: Moving Category

It is recommended that all homeowners preparing to sell their house get a pre-inspection before putting your house on the market. Here’s why you should get a home inspection before you sell. Find Out What Is and Is NOT Broke Sometimes we think things are broken and we end up fixing the wrong proble. For instance, several homeowners have replaced something only to discover later that they fixed the wrong issue. If you have a home inspection, then you’ll find out exactly what works in your house and what doesn’t. This will save you from fixing things that don’t need it or not fixing something that does need repairs. Planning It Out If the roof is bad and it needs replaced during, say, a pending sale, then you will have to rush to have someone fix it and it might also cost more due to it being last minute. Plan it out to where repairs can be done at a company you trust and can afford beforehand. Saving Money Spend the money upfront for a home inspection so you can save money in the end. This works because if you wait until the inspection at the end and find all these hidden repairs that need to be made, then you are going to end up spending even more money. How Much Should You Sell Your Home For and How Much? We recommend hiring an agent to assist you with the price of your home after the inspection. The inspection will help you determine basically underlying or existing problems that need to be fixed and once these upgrades or repairs are made, then the home is ready to be put on the market at a competitive price. Call Air 1 Moving today if you need help moving out of or into your home!...

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Planning a DIY Move

Published April 23, 2016 in category: Moving Category

Sometime people think they can't afford to hire professional movers, or they simply aren’t moving far from their original home and just want to move themselves. In other instances, some people just don’t have a lot of possessions to move, so they opt to move things in their own car. If you are planning a move in just your car, check out this article so you can easily and efficiently pack your car the right way for your upcoming move. How to Pack Your Own Car During a Move You should first know your car. By this, we mean know what secret compartments there are, if any. Also how big your trunk can accommodate things. You should also have your car clean, very clean. You will want to start by putting the essential things, or things you might need easy access to, in the front (or an easy to reach place). Large boxes and items that aren’t needed right away should be stowed in the trunk. The trunk is a great place to put extra clothes, or boxes of items that won’t be needed. You can utilize the back seat as the area for things like dishes, or other breakable things. You don’t necessarily want these things in the trunk because they can slide around of get accidentally put under another heavy box, compromising the weight they can handle. You can also fill the back seat with other breakable items, such as small furniture items, just be sure that they don’t obstruct your view. Looking for affordable moving company options? If you are planning a move and decide you need professional moving assistance or just advice in general, Air 1 Moving is happy to help. We have years of experience and love assisting people with moves, whether they are big or small. We offer affordable rates and top-notch customer service. Give us a call today....

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5 Easy Tips to Helping You Get Moved In To Your New Home

Published April 12, 2016 in category: Moving Blog

So, you’ve just finished a big move and you are staring at tons of unopened boxes in your new space. Feeling a little overwhelmed and don’t know what to do first? Before you start a frenzy of unpacking random boxes and moving things, consider these helpful steps below. Take Pictures of the Home BEFORE You Unpack Taking photos of the empty room can help, especially if you are a renter and are worried about getting your security deposit back once you move out. Photos are also important for homeowners because some time may have passed between the inspection and when the previous homeowners actually moved out. If the previous owners caused any damages after the inspection, or damages while they moved out, (scratches to walls, etc.) you will want to document it. Check Your Items If you hired movers to move your items, there is typically a limited amount of time where you have to report any damages to your belongings or suspect anything missing. Be Aware of Where to Throw Your Trash After moving in, you will have a lot of trash and empty boxes to dispose of. Be sure you know where to get rid of it - you don’t want to miss trash pickup day then deal with the excess trash for a week. Get New Locks An important thing to do for your safety is change the locks. Be sure to switch out the locks if you own the home because the previous homeowner could still have an extra set of keys. Update Your Address Any mail or important legal forms you are expecting are going to wind up at your old address, so be sure to update your information to your new address. This includes your voting address as well. Are you looking for local or long distance movers in Los Angeles or Southern California? Our professional movers can help. Call us today for a free quote on your move....

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5 Essentials for Moving Day

Published March 29, 2016 in category: Moving Category

Moving day doesn’t always go as smoothly as you plan. Things get hectic and stressful, especially during a long distance move. Stuff can break, you might be running behind or you might find an entire area you forgot to pack. There are, however, supplies to have handy for those unexpected moments during a move. Toothpaste or Wall Putty and Paint for Touch-Ups You are moving out and you notice some holes in the wall. Uh oh. You need to get those patched ASAP but you forgot! This is where you can dab toothpaste or putty in the hole and smooth it out. Simply, dab a little paint over it after and you are good to go! Skateboard or Wagon Got a lot of heavy things? A wagon can actually be really useful in transporting those heaving items during a move. If you don’t have one, we suggest borrowing. Sharpie This is a must. Having a Sharpie or a bold marker comes in handy for those last minute labeling of boxes or other items you need to write down. Heavy Duty Packing Tape Lots of packing tape. It is pretty obvious why this will come in handy. Shoe Polish This is an interesting trick if you did not know! If you have white baseboards and trim with scuffs and marks, putting a bit of white shoe polish on them can help diminish them. Looking for Professional Movers in Los Angeles? All in all, a move is a huge process that takes careful planning and lots of hard work. We hope this list of essential items will help ease the stress of your move and keep you well-equipped during the moving process! If you need help or assistance with moving or packing, Air 1 Moving is always here to help. Call us today!...

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